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Basement Lighting

Inline Electric Basement Renovation Lighting

Planning the games room, media room, man cave or wine cellar of your dreams? How about a simple basement renovation? One of the keys to turning your basement into a warm and inviting living space is the right lighting and proper fixtures. With very little natural light, great lighting and great fixtures with the right layout is critical to a finished basement and professionally installed lighting is the most important ingredient to bring your basement renovation to life and to make the space as welcoming and cozy as your living room.

Basement Wiring

Inline Electric Basement Renovation Wiring

Your finished basement will be as important and livable as any other room in your house. Professionally installed wiring, smoke alarms, heated floors and media cabling is critical to your family’s safety and your peace of mind. Ensuring your basement renovation does not overload your electrical panel or your electrical service is best left to a professional electrician. Call us today and we can tell you about our many satisfied customers and help you plan the basement renovation of your dreams.

Electrical Basement Reno Specialist

Inline Electric Basement Reno Specialist

Inline Electric has been helping bring great basement renovations to life, and to light, for more than 25 years. With hundreds of satisfied customers, we can walk you through all the things to consider to make your lighting, radiant flooring, smoke alarms and media complete your perfect basement renovation. We provide free estimates. No obligation. Now servicing Woodstock and London! Call us today at 519-740-9999.