Panel Upgrade
Electrical Service Upgrade

Electrical Panel Upgrade

A panel upgrade is when you wish to upgrade your service coming into your house from fuses to breakers, or to upgrade from 60 amps (which is no longer insurable) to installation of a 100 amperage service. A 100 amp service is the most common in residential applications.

You may also wish to upgrade to a 125 or 200 amperage service depending on your electrical needs.

The main reasons for looking to upgrade your panel are that it is an older fuse type panel. Most insurance companies will no longer issue an insurance policy with this type of panel. Also it makes resetting tripped circuits much easier for most home owners.

Other Reasons for Upgrading your Electrical Panel

  • Over fusing - Every wire size has a corresponding fuse size. Often we find a larger fuse on smaller wire because the circuit is continuously blowing and most people don't realise that doing this is a potential fire hazard. Breakers solve this problem. A properly installed breaker panel eliminates the chance of over fusing.
  • Double lugging - This occurs when there is no longer enough space in your current electrical panel. This is also an issue. The wires under the lugs can expand and contract at different rates depending on the load on the wires. This can also be a fire hazard. A larger upgraded panel can easily solve this issue as well.
  • Convenience - Many People make the mistake of changing the wrong fuse when they blow. Often there is no physical indication that a fuse is blown. And the hassle of going to the hardware store every time you blow a fuse can be frustrating. Breakers can easily be reset quickly and cost free if an overload occurs. Resetting a breaker is as simple a flicking a switch.
  • Space for new projects/additions - This is self-explanatory! Often when a new basement or addition is in the works you will need additional space for new electrical circuits. An electrical panel upgrade is the best option.
  • Water damage/corrosion - Over time damp basements or water damage can and will cause corrosion to your existing electrical panel or breakers. Typically electrical panel replacement should be considered after 20-25 years. This will ensure that no major corrosion occurs and the breakers are in proper working condition.
  • Resale - A upgraded electrical service panel with space to grow is a good selling feature in any home sale. Fuses and old panels are often a point of concern by potential new buyers.
  • Service upgrades 100-200 - A full electrical service upgrade is required when you are attempting to boost your amps from either 60-100, 125 or to 200. Most homes are good with 100 amps. However depending on the size of the house or perhaps a pool or hot tub in your future you may decide to upgrade your panel to higher amps. We can help you determine what will fit your electrical needs.
Electrical Panel Upgrade
Electrical Panel Upgrade
Electrical Panel Upgrade