Meet our Electricians

Meet Our Electricians

Our electricians have many years of experience in the residential setting. From panel upgrades to full knob and tube re-wires. Trained by a provincially licences master electrician with over 25 years of experience in the electrical contracting field.

Becoming an Electrician

Becoming an electrician takes many years. First being signed as an electrician apprentice. Working along side of a master electrician for two years to learn hands on the field of trade. The electrician apprentice will then attend electrical trade school for one term. Then back to work for a year. After five years and three terms of college the electrician apprentice is ready to write his provincial electrician licence. If successful he is now a licensed electrician. He is still not able to pull permits in Ontario yet. Only a master electrician with a electrical contractor provincial licence can do this.

Becoming a Master Electrician

Becoming a master electrician is another step. You must carry a valid electrician licence for a total of two full years before you qualify to take courses and write the master electrician licence. Once you pass and receive your master electrician papers can you qualify to file for your Ontario electrical contractors provincial licence.

Becoming an Electrical Contractor

The next step to obtaining permits is full electrical contractors liability insurance as well as WSIB clearance. Once you have these as well as your provincial electrical contractor licence and you Master electricians licence you are now able to perform work as an electrical contractor.